mee vaa kameh...
office ninmaafa ais kotriah vadheveyvareh noon... nuvithaakah geah vadhevenee kee ves noone...
aneh dhiveraajjeyge film kulhey ge eh alhaidheynama dho?
mi ge ekey film kulhen hadhaafa huri thanekey ehvaru...
ge bodu gulha nuvithaakah hama jehilaigen geah vadhe ulhevenee kee noon...

kon irakun baa ey nimeynee hithah araaaaaaaaaaaaaa.... urrrghh

**** HaPpi 4 moNtHs aNniVeRsaRy mY sHwEeT HuBbY *****
Luv u alwayz....

CoMiN uP.....

about my birthday

vill post about it sooooooooon ............

bye for now.......

i was tagged by .mini

1. What’s your latest addiction? i don know....

2. What are you listening to? "almost here" by Delta Goodrem ft Brian Mcfadden

3. How late did you stay up last night and why? till 2:45.. waiting for a call

4. Who were you with last Friday night? my family

5. Do you think you will be in a relationship 3 months from now? nop.. cox im married

6. When is the next time you’ll see your close friends? hopefully Saturday

7. What were you doing this morning at 7am? sleeping

8. What radio station do you listen to the most? dhi fm

9. What was the reason you last cried? cox i havent cried for a long tym :p

10. Have you ever talked to someone when they were high? i don think so

11. What’s the fifth text in your inbox say? "Damn haadha kandu gadha ey... on my way ingey"

12.Where was the last coffee shop u go to? i don go to coffee shops

13. What’s ur outfit right now? t-shirt n a short

16. What were you doing at 11pm last night? watchin Ugly Betty

17. Who was the last person you talked to last night before bed? my hubby

18. Will you be driving in a year? hopefully

19. Is there anything that you are craving right now? laptop

20. When did your last hug take place? jst hubby hugged me n left for duty :p

22. Have you ever started a sentence with “No offense, but…”? sometyms

23. Do you drink tea? yap

24. Have you ever been arrested? nop

25. Have you rode in someone else’s car today? no.. i havent

26. Have you made a mistake this past week? yap.. i did

27. Who was the last person you texted? my office mate

28. Are you happy with your life right now? very very happy

29. In the past 72 hours have you been under the influence of sleep? nop

30. What’s the connection between you and the last person you texted? my work buddy + close frend

my turn to tag ryt... i tag shweeeet n lilly

JoKe TyM ....


BiRtHDaY's CoMiN... YiPpEe !!!!!

Soon im gonna b 22... gettin old huh...
i do expect great things to happen... sometyms it does.. sometyms it does not...
Last years birthday was da best... n i want dis years toooo
everyone has their own dreams, desires, wants n bla bla... so does i.some myt need many presents on their birthdays... others myt feel happy with just a birthday wish.
N now its my turn.. wat i need o my shoppin list o things i really want now Instead of gettin many presents, i really feel happy if lots n lots of ppl wishes me on my birthday...

- a belly chain / waist chain o wat ever (fattaru baeh)
- Bracelet Holder
- nice n simple slipper (flat one) n a balck heel (my size - 38)
- sunglass
- Jewelleries - bead chain / ear rings / bracelet
- nyc n simple evening wear
- T-shirt fothi - plain o stripped
- soft toys - every year i get one of dis
- creative birthday cards - made my themselves :)
- dhen heyo hithun dhey komme ehcheh accept kuraaanan :P

Pls Pls no BANANAS - hate it

Dis myt sound silly... but who cares....

LaTtEst UpDaTeZ !!!!!!!!

Its byn sometym since i last updated..... nothin much to write...
here i am again....
EiD MuBaraK to u aLL.... (know its late)

Dis Eid is so vai... kaigen nidhun noon kameh neh... :P
keehkuraani... dhathurukuran jeheytheeve male naaraa geyga onnaneee... kadeh huras koffa dhaanves mee bodu kamekey.... kanneh dho???
Mageh mahchah araifiyyaaa siyaaseee vaaahaka.. TV in programmeh dhakkanyaa siyaasee kommeves ehcheh noonee nudhahkaane... meee vaa kameh...
anni foni nukadaaa male aaa viligili aa dheytherey bridge alhaidheynama dho... (doesnt matter if da bridge is made with maajehi biskutz).. kihaa faseyha vaane eyrun...

ohhh btw.. my birthday is comin....yipeee... but first nyd to study for my exam.. tomorow project management exam n day after tomorow my HR exam...urrrghh
vill post a list later :P:P
Wish me luck !!!!!
bye for now :)

y dis ramazan is so vai ???
last year was fun.. really fun....
dis tym...
no fun...
no games...
no frends to hang around with...
no tym to do fun stuff...


all hav to do is the same routin work..
going to office...
come bak home...
break da fast..
get ready to go to class...
after class visit home to c my family members...
come bak home...
haarukanings n dhen sleeeeeeeep !!!!

Wat a life..... !!!!!!

Lots of my frends requested me to upload my weddin pics to my blog.... n i decided to post these pics... hope ull like it ...... :P

Our Wedding Cake

Our wedding Alter

Thaajudheen School Hall

m3 mY s3Lf n i !!!

Here i am.... after a long long tym..... :)
Today i thought ill update my blog.. but i don know wat to write :( but here goes..... myt get borin but i jst wanted to update :)

About me:
My name: hajja

Goin to b 22 dis year (26th of October)
Favourite colour : Yellow
Love Koosani kaa ehchehi

People use to call me hajja.. im kinda lazy n loves to sleep alot. use to sleep around 12.30pm on thursdayz n usually wakes up around 10.00pm on fridays (sometyms sleep n wakes up on saturday even).... hehe thts my hobby i guess... I luv shoppin.. mostly i buy different types of slippers n shoes... mom tries to yell at me..... wat to do.... nuhuttunu kameh :P

I have two sisters (one elder than me n one younger than me) + 3 younger brothers.. we r like best frends but ehen ulhelaafa thin meehun thinmeehun nah fight kuraaane... zuvaabu ves kuraaane.. i use to win.. i make them cry... hehehe

I competed my o'level n joined Haveeru. I don wanna join CHSE for my higher studies... dad got angry, but i tryd to make him understand how much i hate tht place... seriously i don like goin there.. don know y???... I resigned from Haveeru n joined an Insurance Company.. love my current job... but hate da new boss.... :) Im doin Diploma in Business Administration n will hopefully go abroad for my degree next year...

Now my life has changed alot..... got married recently... was da happiest day in my life... i miss my mom more than anythin.... think its my luck tht i got a sweet family here n my hubby is da best of all.... i got married to my first love (happy to b with him) he is good, carin, lovin.... n everythin to me.... luv him loadz....

dhen thts all i guess....maa dhiguvaatheeve ninmaaleee... myt be borin.. but i don mind...... if u wanna know bout me more.. jst ask me... :)

Excited !!!!!!!

Excited !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Excited !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Excited.... im so so excited....!!!!!
3 days more to go..... yipeeeeeeeee !!!!!
but i have dis damn exam today... urrrrghhh !!!!!
gtg... study for da exam.....

Da day is gettin


n closer........................................

n closer..........................

n closer..........

!!!! My N3W H@!R STyL3 !!!!!

AfT3RI wanted to change my hairstyle... i keep tellin dis for weeks...but cudnt get tym to do that... at last i did it...yipeeeee !!! spent more than three hrs jst to make a change... After da cut, da first comment i got was from my two naughty sis... they told me that i look lyk a prostitute now cox of da fringe cut.... :|
i was wondering whether ill go to office today o not... wondering wat all my colleagues vill say about da new look....

Here r all da comments ....... have a look :D
  • Linaf : Aa kujjeh !!!
  • Bambi : haadha thaakihaa / varah salhi !!!
  • Fasee : Accounts ah vehdhi aa kuhjaa, hajja ya vahtharu gotheh hurey !!!
  • Sheexa : Hadi kujjaa !!!
  • Sai : Kon kaalheh / Reethi !!!
  • Hassaan : Vaaaaaaraaahhh Seeeeexxxyyy !!!
  • Shafy : Varah Fahkaaa !!!
  • Yafiu : Vagu bulhaaa !!!
  • Vifaaq : Varah koas ( kos vefa ) !!!
  • Shaney : Neh bunaane ehcheh !!!
  • Muntha : Pirates ga ulhey kujjaa (Jessi Jane) !!!
  • Softy : Mee dho Admin ah vehdhi aa kujjaa !!!
  • Hussain : Kihineh hadhaafa thihireee !!!
  • Mode : Hajja hey !!!
  • Fira : Japan naasi anhen kujjaa !!!
  • Shaabe : Fake !!!
  • Hinni : Hadhaanvey dho, Return of the Mummy III !!!
  • Ruby : Cleopatra !!!
  • Ashwani : Hajja kobaa !!!
  • Shamin : Heevanee Nemo hen !!!
I don care about da KUNI comments, cox my shweeeeeet boyfrend told me tht i look great n da new cut suits me... yipeeee *fonivefa* hehehe...

Wat do u think ??????

!!!!!! D!S SUCKS !!!!!!

ohhhh god.. i want today to be dis weeks Sunday againnnn.. Being so so happi dis week.. But its gonna end... so sad....
Dis week, im totally free like a bird flying all over in my office... My boss is on study leave...
Talking about my boss... I know he'll be someones family member out there, o a relative o jst a frend... i dont mind cox he really "SUCKS"..... seriously, working with him will end up in Guraidhoo... I think i jst hav to get a ticket from there sooon.

I work in HR Department n my x-boss left our company for higher studies... Dhen there came dis stupid HR Manager... I think its my fault cox i keep telling other Managers that i dont wan a Female Manager... A need a Guy as a boss... After all da discussions, da one who was selected was da worst of all....... urrrrrghhh.

He don wanna know wats our opinion n wats da rule here... im da one who has been workin in da department for long n he's been here for a month... he trys to make his own rules n try to fix it... how can that happen.. here there are mangers who has been working here for more than 15 years.... He never wanna listen to them either...... I jst hate workin with him.... I was thinkin to resign from here... cant tolerate with him anymore... ill go mad... guess i am now ... :P
But all our Line Managers dont want me to resign... they all want him to resign... (they do care bout me alot - fonivefa ;D) Anyway waiting for a day that he resigns from da company....

[ i jst thought ill write somethin which has been botherin me for a long long tym... dont think anything bad bout it ]

ReDnEcK 911 CaLL

A couple of redneck hunters are out in da woods wen one of them falls to da ground.

He doesn't seem to be breathin n his eyes r rolled back in his head.

Da other redneck starts to panic, then whips out his cell phone n calls 911.

He frantically blurts out to da operator,

"O my god! Help! My friend just died.
He's Dead! Wat can I do?"

Da operator, tryin to calm him says,
"Take it easy. I can help. Just listen to me n follow my instructions.
First, lets make sure he's dead."

There's a short pause, n then da operator hears a loud gun shot!!!

Da redneck comes back on da line n says, "OK, now wat?"

WaNNa GeT mY MoOd BaK !!!

its been sometym since i last updated........ wat to do... no moood these days....... nothin on my mind.... Life really sucks.... !!!
don know wats happenin to me.....
STRESS..... STRESS...... STRESS.....

hate to work at office..... got a new boss to work with......... he sucks...... totally sucks !!!! urrrrrghh (don think tht he fell in luuuuurrrv with me)

i don know wats wrong with me.......... wan my mood back???
neeeeeeed help puleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese !!!


There was dis gurl (gurl A) who was madly in luv with a guy..... they both were together for 2years...... dis guy luvs da gurl (gurl A) toooo.... he was havin an affair with a married gurl (gurl B)....
after they ended up... da innocent gurl (gurl A) knew da truth..... n got worried alot.... da guy betrayed da gurl (gurl A).... da guy came by n told da gurl (gurl A) da truth... know it was late... guy begged for forgiveness n wanted to spent his life again with da gurl (gurl A).. guy felt guilty for wat he did wrong..... da gurl (gurl A) didnt know wat to dooo.... da gurl (gurl A) knew tht she cudnt live without da guy (cox of da luv they had)..... so da gurl (gurl A) forgived him....n gave him a second chance...... but she cudnt forget wat he did......

life isnt fair.... isnt it?? wat is da fault of da innocent gurl ?? wat did she do wrong ?? y did da guy did tht ??

da thin is tht.... whos fault was it?? da married gurl o da guy o da innocent gurl ???
if u were da gurl ..... wat will u do?? ... how wud u react in this situation ???

LeTs LaUGh Kekekekekek !!!


I W!SH ....

All I know is that u're so nice
U're da nicest thin I've seen
I wish that we cud give it a go
See if we cud be something

I wish I was ur favorite Gurl
I wish u thought I was da reason u r in da world
I wish my smile was ur favorite kind of smile
I wish da way that I dressed was ur favorite kind of style

I wish u couldn't figure me out
But u always wanna know what I was about
I wish u'd hold my hand
Wen I was upset
I wish u'd never forget
Da look on my face wen we first met

I wish that u loved me
I wish that u needed me
I wish that u wanted to spent ur life with me

I wish that without me ur heart would break
I wish that without me u'd be spendin da rest of ur nights awake
I wish that without me u couldn't eat
I wish I was da last thing on ur mind before u sleep

This is all wat i wish for... but know it want be true..... :(
Luv u loadz baby.... but know u hate me now :(

GuD o BaD !!!

Some ppl like there frends alot.... they talk about da gud things but they still have somethin nasty about them...

i saw a post on mini's blog n thought ill post da same :)

i wud like u to write somethin gud about me n sumthin awful about me... though i havent met u guyz n u all havent seen me... but still there might be somethin gud n bad... isnt it???

ill start:
da gud thing is - i love to meet new frends
bad point is - i get angry quickly

Some ppl luv doin it.... some hate it... some enjoy watchin them...... some do tht for being "GADDAA".... some do it on public.... others da opposite.......

wonder wat u all were thinkin.... me talkin here about SMOKIN....gurls ingey....!!!

Wat do u all think bout it??
ill start....
in my opinion its not bad... but i hate gurls being gaddaaa n wanted to show tht they do smoke n they r da best.....

SomEThin aBouT ReLaTioNshiPs ...

There lived a gurl who was madly in luv with her boyfrend n so does da boyfrend o....they face problms, they try to talk n solve them... but da same mistake repeats... da gurl gets hurt most of da tym by da guy... da guy trys to beg for his mistakes n da gurl forgives him everytym....

wat im tryn to say is tht... keehvetha anhenkujjaa evarah ulhey iru firihen kujjaaa noolheneee ???
wonder y n wats da secret behind it???

HaTe BeiNG SiCK :(

plssss leave me alone ... i hate u .... hate being sick ....
i tryd to get rid of dis coughin...
but still it luvs me ...
don wanna leave me... wat to do :(
last week i've been to hospital 3 tyms
urrrrghhh !!!!
hate doctors... hate to vizit there ...
cant even eat anythin ... cant have cool drinks ... no junk foods allowed ... no supareeez
so sad ....

waiting 4 a day to get better .....
cox i hav a happy news to share with u all ...

till dhen tc ...

BoReD !!!

im bored ...

BoreD ...

so so

Y is it so damn borin these days ?? i don hav da mood to work at office even though i hav loadz of work to be done... oh god n its da foohi week of da month.. i hav to do da payroll... hate da new software *dhon boduvefa*... next week i hav my exam... havent touched my notes yet.... wat da hell iz wrong with me ??

Do u guyz feel so so bored these days ??

ladhun boa halaaaaku !!!

Dis was a funny incident i had last Thursday.... jst thought of sharin it with u...

Dis incident happened on my way to office. I don feel like entering from the main gate of STO trade center, so i usually come to the gate which is near the mosque. (which i use to say to da driver- "goalhithere ah").. In front of da gate, theres a long chain, so vehicles cant enter the gate at that time.... everyone who comes near that gate has to cross the chain, so do i...

On Thursday i came by a cab near to that gate... n tht damn chaingandu was there... some bangaalha ppl were sittin near da gate... wen i was tryn to cross tht chain, my slippers alhaigathee in tht damn chain... n da chain fell down with da stand, makin a loud noise.... everyone having their breakfast in Alfresco were starin at me... (dheloa bodukoffa).... i really felt shy... ladhun gos boafalhaigen nudhiya eii kiriyaaaa.... ladhun hurivarun lift kairah hingaafa dhaanves nukerunu... all were starin like they had seen someone walkin nude in front of them... wen i started walkin towards da lift.. an old man came near by n said "balaigen noolhenyaa thikahala landu libeyne"... i really got angry wen he said that... i didnt say anythin to him, loa alhaalaafa dhiya eii.... wat can i say.. i was feeling so introverted.

im bored of searchin 4 a new template ....... urrrrrrrrrrggggggghhhh !!!!
at da end i got this one ..... tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

i need suggestions about my new template ???? can u ???