Wonder y ppl hold on to memories so tight...
Is it because the memories r the only thing tht dont change, wen everybody else does ???

Ive moved to male' atlast.. yippeeee !!!!

still havent fully settled.....

im on leave


NO NET CONNECTION yet.. grrrrhhh !!!

TaGGeD !!!

mini tagged me... so here goes 20 random facts about me...

1- i love my married life - enjoy every minute of it :)

2- im da second eldest from my family..

3- enjoy hanging around with frends..

4- hate being alone at home...

5- good at day dreaming

6- addicted to twilight.... edward... edward... hehehe

7- love blogging alot... but midhuvas kolhu no mood kanneyge... :P

8- love shopping...

9- I love yellow color...love to collect yellow stuffs alot.. but da creepy part is tht i hate bananas though its yellow..

10- i enjoy eating alot these days.. gosh!! im getting fat...really !!! before it was 38 n now my weight is 47...

11- love to sleep alot...

12- wants to complete my degree soon... its jst a dream of mine :)

13- exercise.. exercise... love going to aerobics.. its really fun

14- wanted a camera.... sooooooooon

15- good at acting.... my frendz say im a drama queen...

16- enjoying eating ice cream alot.. yummy !!!

17- i luv my frendz... specially my work buddies.. they r like best frendz

18- hate cockroaches... iyooo.. fakureeez

19- i luv to grow my hair longer but its something i cudnt do...

20- there r lots of bloggerz i love to meet... though i havent met anyone yet, other than shweeeet, mini n i-kko... (they r so sweeet n i like them)

i tag muawwaz, shaha n mike :)

hey all...
v have 4 days off... n im wondering wat da hell i wud b doing... my hubby is busy, really busy getting ready for July 26... me n my office frends are palnning to go to paradise dis weekened... wud b fun, other than getting bored alone...

But thses days im so so in luv with twilight series.... me reading eclipse now n i have one more to go... breakin dawn... n im done...

jst a little update... bye for now.... :)

Our wedding anniversary brings to mind
da happiness n joy u’ve brought to me,
Sweet memories da laughter n da tears,
Devoted love u give abundantly.

Da place I want to be is close to u.
There’s ecstasy n peace in ur embrace.
I know that I can cope with wat life brings,
As long as I wake up to see ur face.

U’re all I ever wanted, n much more.
I look at u n I still get a thrill.
Our marriage is da best thing in my life;
I love u deeply, madly, n I always will.

Happi Anniversary !!!

Its byn ONE year for our marriage.... n i enjoy every minute of it.. I luv u always my shweeeet hubby...

Here i am with jst an update after a long long tym... Work work n work.. nothing more... still more busy days coming up... eeeeeeeeh !!!

Finally we r moving to Male', before da Ramazan....vill be way too busy packing all da stuffs..
Busy Implimenting new rules & regulations as per labour law at office cox of da increase in da salary + da change in da tym.. but....

Da happi news is i got Promotion.. yippee..!!! i wasnt even expecting for it dis tym.. cox of da salary change.. luckily i got it.. :D

TyM FoR a LiL LauGh !!!!


No one wud try to make an omlette from the eggshell... wud anyone do ??? i guess not... I was tryn to make an omlette an u know wat i did... i crack da egg near to da dustbin, put da egg yolk in da dustbin n da egg shell in da bowl n was tryn to make an omlette..... i didnt realize until my mom told me wat i was doing.. she was laughig out loud..... wat to do...... guess i was in another world... hehe

N da other thing was wen we were having tea... i was sitting near mom n da left side of me was an icing cake.. half of da cake was inside da box other half was kept outside..... i kept my hand on da cake without realizing where i was keeping my hand, was talking to others n having tea... after sometym i realized wen mom told me where i was keeping my hand... "ohhh shitt" was da only thing came out from my mouth...

The big question is am i NORMAL ???
daahhhhh !!!!

N btw its our anniversary..... Happi 10 months anniversary to my sweeeeet hubby.. luv ya always.. wmuah !!!

FiNaLLy iTs OvER

wooooow.... its done.. im already done with it... its party tym... my studyz r over.... yippeee!!!

i've been studyn studyn n now wen its over.. i feel bored sometyms... but i've been going to a fahaa class (not kukulhu o ppl... jst hedhun.. lol)... 3 of my frendz r going with me n its really fun... e eii vaa majaa kameh...

bak to office again.. after a week.. still da same... boring as ever...urrrghh.... hate it.

guyz... wat wud b da best gift to give on a wedding anniversary... ???

not much to write these days.... lil busy with office works n i have my final exam on 16th April... after that ill update.....

n im so so proud of my hubby... he got promotion.....yipee.. congrats my shweeeet lo... mwuah !!!!

wish me luck guyz... cya laterz..

This was jst way too funny... so thought ill share dis with u all

Dis is a collection of leave letters & applications written by people....
  • An employee applied for leave as follows : "Since i have to go to my village to sell my land along with my wife, please sanction me one week leave"
  • Leave letter from an employee who was performing his daughter's wedding : "As im marrying my daughter, please grant a week's leave"
  • From Administration Dept : "As my mother-in-law has expired and i am only one responsible for it, please grant me 10 days leave"
  • Employee applied for half day leave : "Since I've to go to the cremation ground at 10 and i may not return, please grant me half day casual leave"
  • An incident of a leave letter : "I am suffering from fever, please declare one day holiday"
  • A leave letter to the headmaster : "As i am studying in this school i am suffering from headache. i request you to leave me today"
  • Another leave letter written to the headmaster : "As my headache is paining, please grant me leave for the day"
  • Covering note : "Dear Sir: with reference to the above, please refer to my below .... "
  • Letter written for application of leave : "My wife is suffering from sickness and as i am her only husband at home i may be granted leave"
  • Letter writing : " I am in well here and hope you are also in the same well"
  • A candidate's job application : " This has reference to your advertisement calling for a 'Typist and an Accountant - Male or Female' .... As i am both (!!) for the past several years and i can handle both with good experience, i am applying for the post"

WaT a NiGhT !!!

last Tuesday was our company's 24th anniversary dinner night... da management decided to hav a cocktail dinner night... all da staffs had to wear dhiguhedhun.. everyone wasnt so happy about it cox last years anniversary even v had to wear da same... there wasnt any other choice... they wanted to make da event official...

da great part of da story is still gonna come..

dis wasnt da first tym v had to do things wen fookolhuga roavanings.. always da same.. last minute they wanted me to present da speech... it was my first tym to do such a thing infront of all da invitees.

As usual i went there late.. dinner was gonna start at 8:30.. i was there at 8:20... told me to come there at 7:30. Seeing all da invitees coming, i started shivering, heart beat was so fast.. i said to my partner who was gonna present it with me that i cant do dis... all my close frends were saying tht i can.. jst relax n try to pretend tht u r with few of them.. hoping tht i can do it with confident.. i started presenting... after all it wasnt tht difficult once its started..
after giving da calendar challenge award n da team which won on da futsal tournament, there was refreshment.. all were congratulating me.. all were saying tht i was great.. my voice were so different n sweet.. i was really happy to hear da sweet comments.

but guess da funny part of all that.
i pronouce our MD's name incorrectly, instead of saying Abdul i said Abdulla.. he came later n told me tht i pronounce his name incorrectly but i did a great job..
After that me n my partner was given da name "Heena" & "Salle"

(will upload a pic later)

ThiRTeeN MaRcH TwO ThoUsaND & NiNe

i started blogging on 13th March 2008. so far da name didnt change but ive changed da layout several tyms. Blogging is a hobby of mine n its a great place for making friends.. there r sweet freinds on blogging though i met few bloggers ...
i-kko, mini n shweeeeet. n there r lots of other bloggers i wanna meet... hoping to meet them sooon :D

Thank u so so much to all da sweeet bloggers for da sweeet comments... i do appreciate it.

Happi happi birthday to my blog !!!!

(i know its 14th march.. i was gonna update last nyt but i cundt cox of da connection, so here it is... )

HeRe i aM ...
Here i am... after sometym.. being so so busy with my projects and exam... but now im lil free for a few weeks... one more exam n one more assignment on end of March... n thats all.. end of wat ive byn learnin since 2007... hopefully ill go abroad for my degree end of dis year :)

Da last exam which i did was really tough... being busy doing da payroll at office n studyn for da exams make me go nutty ... leymahchah dhaan kairi vefa ineee :)

Is it a good thing to switch from one job to another ??? dis is wats bothering me now adays... wonder y da management of all organizations r da same... duh !!!!!

JsT aN uPDaTe !!!

soon ill b free from da headache... i mean my studyz vill be over.... one more month to go.. 3 more exams ahead.... n 3 more assignments to handover...

i can spent more tym in ofyc.... can spent more tym with my frendz toooo... yippeeeee !!!!!

Ive byn shoppin with my frend for 3 days, searching for a nyc, simple, flat slipper.... last nyt was fun... shopping shopping shopping till 11:00.... bought everythin which is in my shopping list xcept a slipper....

can someone tell me a place where i can get simple nyc slipper???

LiFe !!!

some ppl might say life sucks or life is full of shit... while others say life is beautiful or life is full of surprises... i must say, i agree with all those
Life is whatever we think of it. Life is what we make it of n what we say of it.

Life is about sadness
Life is about happiness
Life is about pain
Life is miserable
Life is about loss
Life is about smiling
Life is about crying
Life is about love
Life is about laughter
Life is about learning from our mistakes
Life is horrible
Life is dumb
Life is awesome
Life depression
Life is tears
Life is sorrow
Life is anxiety
Life is bullshit
Life sucks

i could go on n on n tell all about life
but i'm not here to sort this out
Life is all about us n how we treat it
We criticizes it... well, we're actually criticizing our self
we like it... we hate it... well, its all up to us
Life is us so be careful how we describe it

TheRe Iz ThaT FriEnD.....

There is that friend
that is so much a part of me, that i feel alone just thinkin about da thought of her not being here

There is that friend
that has so much that it is based on that nothin cud ever dissolve or even threaten it

There is that friend
with whom i share so much history that one fight or misunderstanding rolls off nearly instantaneously, cox one issue is so significant n cud never come close to shatterin da bond

There is that friend
that knows me as well as i know myself n finds it special that i know her just as well

There is that friend
who can make me smile through my tears or cry out of happiness

There is that friend
who is always there for me, n just realizing that she wud b there, is more than enough to make it better

There is that friend
who cares about clearing away my tears no less if i am crying over absolutely nothing

There is that friend
who is my best work buddy whom i can work with, without being bored

But ive lost dis precious friend.. i dont know wat went wrong... She trys to ignore me now... wonder y??? She wanted to resign from da job.. but i kyp giving advice to her...know its useless cox she's givin a deaf ear.. but i dont wan her to choose da wrong path...

vill anyone of u wanna c ur friends choosing da wrong path??? R'nt u going to show them da ryt way??? but wat if they dont beleive in u???

At LasT.......

Finally v r moving to Male'.... yippeeee... but gonna miss da house... da peaceful environement... but for us its good i guess.. traveling is really a big headache... had to wake up early to go to office....after office have to come bak n again go for class... n if a rainy day comes il better b at home, taking a phone excuse.... i get really freaked out wen da sea get rough n wen its windy...

most of all ill miss da undhoali which i make use of it wen ever i get bored.... n my turquise room.. vill miss da room loadz... v decided to paint da room in turquise that was da reason y v chose turquise for our wedding theme colour....
but still v are searching for a three room appartment with attached toilet... need help.. if u guyz know a place which is for rent.. jst let me know ok....

H@Ppi NeW Ye@R 2009

My wishes for all my frendz in year 2009
Great start for Jan,
Love for Feb,
Peace for march,
No worries for April
Fun for May,
Joy for June to Nov,
Happiness for Dec,
Have a lucky and wonderful 2009.

2008 has left... its a new begining of a new year.. wanted to do lot of things in dis year as well... 2008 was really glamorous.... so exciting things happened... from all that the most interesting thing which really made me happy was to get married to da one i love most.... its really a loving n a happy life for both of us... luv u loadz my choppatz :P

GoOdByE 2008 !!!!