!!!! My N3W H@!R STyL3 !!!!!

AfT3RI wanted to change my hairstyle... i keep tellin dis for weeks...but cudnt get tym to do that... at last i did it...yipeeeee !!! spent more than three hrs jst to make a change... After da cut, da first comment i got was from my two naughty sis... they told me that i look lyk a prostitute now cox of da fringe cut.... :|
i was wondering whether ill go to office today o not... wondering wat all my colleagues vill say about da new look....

Here r all da comments ....... have a look :D
  • Linaf : Aa kujjeh !!!
  • Bambi : haadha thaakihaa / varah salhi !!!
  • Fasee : Accounts ah vehdhi aa kuhjaa, hajja ya vahtharu gotheh hurey !!!
  • Sheexa : Hadi kujjaa !!!
  • Sai : Kon kaalheh / Reethi !!!
  • Hassaan : Vaaaaaaraaahhh Seeeeexxxyyy !!!
  • Shafy : Varah Fahkaaa !!!
  • Yafiu : Vagu bulhaaa !!!
  • Vifaaq : Varah koas ( kos vefa ) !!!
  • Shaney : Neh bunaane ehcheh !!!
  • Muntha : Pirates ga ulhey kujjaa (Jessi Jane) !!!
  • Softy : Mee dho Admin ah vehdhi aa kujjaa !!!
  • Hussain : Kihineh hadhaafa thihireee !!!
  • Mode : Hajja hey !!!
  • Fira : Japan naasi anhen kujjaa !!!
  • Shaabe : Fake !!!
  • Hinni : Hadhaanvey dho, Return of the Mummy III !!!
  • Ruby : Cleopatra !!!
  • Ashwani : Hajja kobaa !!!
  • Shamin : Heevanee Nemo hen !!!
I don care about da KUNI comments, cox my shweeeeeet boyfrend told me tht i look great n da new cut suits me... yipeeee *fonivefa* hehehe...

Wat do u think ??????

!!!!!! D!S SUCKS !!!!!!

ohhhh god.. i want today to be dis weeks Sunday againnnn.. Being so so happi dis week.. But its gonna end... so sad....
Dis week, im totally free like a bird flying all over in my office... My boss is on study leave...
Talking about my boss... I know he'll be someones family member out there, o a relative o jst a frend... i dont mind cox he really "SUCKS"..... seriously, working with him will end up in Guraidhoo... I think i jst hav to get a ticket from there sooon.

I work in HR Department n my x-boss left our company for higher studies... Dhen there came dis stupid HR Manager... I think its my fault cox i keep telling other Managers that i dont wan a Female Manager... A need a Guy as a boss... After all da discussions, da one who was selected was da worst of all....... urrrrrghhh.

He don wanna know wats our opinion n wats da rule here... im da one who has been workin in da department for long n he's been here for a month... he trys to make his own rules n try to fix it... how can that happen.. here there are mangers who has been working here for more than 15 years.... He never wanna listen to them either...... I jst hate workin with him.... I was thinkin to resign from here... cant tolerate with him anymore... ill go mad... guess i am now ... :P
But all our Line Managers dont want me to resign... they all want him to resign... (they do care bout me alot - fonivefa ;D) Anyway waiting for a day that he resigns from da company....

[ i jst thought ill write somethin which has been botherin me for a long long tym... dont think anything bad bout it ]

ReDnEcK 911 CaLL

A couple of redneck hunters are out in da woods wen one of them falls to da ground.

He doesn't seem to be breathin n his eyes r rolled back in his head.

Da other redneck starts to panic, then whips out his cell phone n calls 911.

He frantically blurts out to da operator,

"O my god! Help! My friend just died.
He's Dead! Wat can I do?"

Da operator, tryin to calm him says,
"Take it easy. I can help. Just listen to me n follow my instructions.
First, lets make sure he's dead."

There's a short pause, n then da operator hears a loud gun shot!!!

Da redneck comes back on da line n says, "OK, now wat?"

WaNNa GeT mY MoOd BaK !!!

its been sometym since i last updated........ wat to do... no moood these days....... nothin on my mind.... Life really sucks.... !!!
don know wats happenin to me.....
STRESS..... STRESS...... STRESS.....

hate to work at office..... got a new boss to work with......... he sucks...... totally sucks !!!! urrrrrghh (don think tht he fell in luuuuurrrv with me)

i don know wats wrong with me.......... wan my mood back???
neeeeeeed help puleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese !!!


There was dis gurl (gurl A) who was madly in luv with a guy..... they both were together for 2years...... dis guy luvs da gurl (gurl A) toooo.... he was havin an affair with a married gurl (gurl B)....
after they ended up... da innocent gurl (gurl A) knew da truth..... n got worried alot.... da guy betrayed da gurl (gurl A).... da guy came by n told da gurl (gurl A) da truth... know it was late... guy begged for forgiveness n wanted to spent his life again with da gurl (gurl A).. guy felt guilty for wat he did wrong..... da gurl (gurl A) didnt know wat to dooo.... da gurl (gurl A) knew tht she cudnt live without da guy (cox of da luv they had)..... so da gurl (gurl A) forgived him....n gave him a second chance...... but she cudnt forget wat he did......

life isnt fair.... isnt it?? wat is da fault of da innocent gurl ?? wat did she do wrong ?? y did da guy did tht ??

da thin is tht.... whos fault was it?? da married gurl o da guy o da innocent gurl ???
if u were da gurl ..... wat will u do?? ... how wud u react in this situation ???