LeTs LaUGh Kekekekekek !!!


I W!SH ....

All I know is that u're so nice
U're da nicest thin I've seen
I wish that we cud give it a go
See if we cud be something

I wish I was ur favorite Gurl
I wish u thought I was da reason u r in da world
I wish my smile was ur favorite kind of smile
I wish da way that I dressed was ur favorite kind of style

I wish u couldn't figure me out
But u always wanna know what I was about
I wish u'd hold my hand
Wen I was upset
I wish u'd never forget
Da look on my face wen we first met

I wish that u loved me
I wish that u needed me
I wish that u wanted to spent ur life with me

I wish that without me ur heart would break
I wish that without me u'd be spendin da rest of ur nights awake
I wish that without me u couldn't eat
I wish I was da last thing on ur mind before u sleep

This is all wat i wish for... but know it want be true..... :(
Luv u loadz baby.... but know u hate me now :(

GuD o BaD !!!

Some ppl like there frends alot.... they talk about da gud things but they still have somethin nasty about them...

i saw a post on mini's blog n thought ill post da same :)

i wud like u to write somethin gud about me n sumthin awful about me... though i havent met u guyz n u all havent seen me... but still there might be somethin gud n bad... isnt it???

ill start:
da gud thing is - i love to meet new frends
bad point is - i get angry quickly

Some ppl luv doin it.... some hate it... some enjoy watchin them...... some do tht for being "GADDAA".... some do it on public.... others da opposite.......

wonder wat u all were thinkin.... me talkin here about SMOKIN....gurls ingey....!!!

Wat do u all think bout it??
ill start....
in my opinion its not bad... but i hate gurls being gaddaaa n wanted to show tht they do smoke n they r da best.....

SomEThin aBouT ReLaTioNshiPs ...

There lived a gurl who was madly in luv with her boyfrend n so does da boyfrend o....they face problms, they try to talk n solve them... but da same mistake repeats... da gurl gets hurt most of da tym by da guy... da guy trys to beg for his mistakes n da gurl forgives him everytym....

wat im tryn to say is tht... keehvetha anhenkujjaa evarah ulhey iru firihen kujjaaa noolheneee ???
wonder y n wats da secret behind it???

HaTe BeiNG SiCK :(

plssss leave me alone ... i hate u .... hate being sick ....
i tryd to get rid of dis coughin...
but still it luvs me ...
don wanna leave me... wat to do :(
last week i've been to hospital 3 tyms
urrrrghhh !!!!
hate doctors... hate to vizit there ...
cant even eat anythin ... cant have cool drinks ... no junk foods allowed ... no supareeez
so sad ....

waiting 4 a day to get better .....
cox i hav a happy news to share with u all ...

till dhen tc ...