Wonder y ppl hold on to memories so tight...
Is it because the memories r the only thing tht dont change, wen everybody else does ???

Ive moved to male' atlast.. yippeeee !!!!

still havent fully settled.....

im on leave


NO NET CONNECTION yet.. grrrrhhh !!!

TaGGeD !!!

mini tagged me... so here goes 20 random facts about me...

1- i love my married life - enjoy every minute of it :)

2- im da second eldest from my family..

3- enjoy hanging around with frends..

4- hate being alone at home...

5- good at day dreaming

6- addicted to twilight.... edward... edward... hehehe

7- love blogging alot... but midhuvas kolhu no mood kanneyge... :P

8- love shopping...

9- I love yellow color...love to collect yellow stuffs alot.. but da creepy part is tht i hate bananas though its yellow..

10- i enjoy eating alot these days.. gosh!! im getting fat...really !!! before it was 38 n now my weight is 47...

11- love to sleep alot...

12- wants to complete my degree soon... its jst a dream of mine :)

13- exercise.. exercise... love going to aerobics.. its really fun

14- wanted a camera.... sooooooooon

15- good at acting.... my frendz say im a drama queen...

16- enjoying eating ice cream alot.. yummy !!!

17- i luv my frendz... specially my work buddies.. they r like best frendz

18- hate cockroaches... iyooo.. fakureeez

19- i luv to grow my hair longer but its something i cudnt do...

20- there r lots of bloggerz i love to meet... though i havent met anyone yet, other than shweeeet, mini n i-kko... (they r so sweeet n i like them)

i tag muawwaz, shaha n mike :)

hey all...
v have 4 days off... n im wondering wat da hell i wud b doing... my hubby is busy, really busy getting ready for July 26... me n my office frends are palnning to go to paradise dis weekened... wud b fun, other than getting bored alone...

But thses days im so so in luv with twilight series.... me reading eclipse now n i have one more to go... breakin dawn... n im done...

jst a little update... bye for now.... :)

Our wedding anniversary brings to mind
da happiness n joy u’ve brought to me,
Sweet memories da laughter n da tears,
Devoted love u give abundantly.

Da place I want to be is close to u.
There’s ecstasy n peace in ur embrace.
I know that I can cope with wat life brings,
As long as I wake up to see ur face.

U’re all I ever wanted, n much more.
I look at u n I still get a thrill.
Our marriage is da best thing in my life;
I love u deeply, madly, n I always will.

Happi Anniversary !!!

Its byn ONE year for our marriage.... n i enjoy every minute of it.. I luv u always my shweeeet hubby...

Here i am with jst an update after a long long tym... Work work n work.. nothing more... still more busy days coming up... eeeeeeeeh !!!

Finally we r moving to Male', before da Ramazan....vill be way too busy packing all da stuffs..
Busy Implimenting new rules & regulations as per labour law at office cox of da increase in da salary + da change in da tym.. but....

Da happi news is i got Promotion.. yippee..!!! i wasnt even expecting for it dis tym.. cox of da salary change.. luckily i got it.. :D

TyM FoR a LiL LauGh !!!!