m3 mY s3Lf n i !!!

Here i am.... after a long long tym..... :)
Today i thought ill update my blog.. but i don know wat to write :( but here goes..... myt get borin but i jst wanted to update :)

About me:
My name: hajja

Goin to b 22 dis year (26th of October)
Favourite colour : Yellow
Love Koosani kaa ehchehi

People use to call me hajja.. im kinda lazy n loves to sleep alot. use to sleep around 12.30pm on thursdayz n usually wakes up around 10.00pm on fridays (sometyms sleep n wakes up on saturday even).... hehe thts my hobby i guess... I luv shoppin.. mostly i buy different types of slippers n shoes... mom tries to yell at me..... wat to do.... nuhuttunu kameh :P

I have two sisters (one elder than me n one younger than me) + 3 younger brothers.. we r like best frends but ehen ulhelaafa thin meehun thinmeehun nah fight kuraaane... zuvaabu ves kuraaane.. i use to win.. i make them cry... hehehe

I competed my o'level n joined Haveeru. I don wanna join CHSE for my higher studies... dad got angry, but i tryd to make him understand how much i hate tht place... seriously i don like goin there.. don know y???... I resigned from Haveeru n joined an Insurance Company.. love my current job... but hate da new boss.... :) Im doin Diploma in Business Administration n will hopefully go abroad for my degree next year...

Now my life has changed alot..... got married recently... was da happiest day in my life... i miss my mom more than anythin.... think its my luck tht i got a sweet family here n my hubby is da best of all.... i got married to my first love (happy to b with him) he is good, carin, lovin.... n everythin to me.... luv him loadz....

dhen thts all i guess....maa dhiguvaatheeve ninmaaleee... myt be borin.. but i don mind...... if u wanna know bout me more.. jst ask me... :)

Excited !!!!!!!

Excited !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Excited !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Excited.... im so so excited....!!!!!
3 days more to go..... yipeeeeeeeee !!!!!
but i have dis damn exam today... urrrrghhh !!!!!
gtg... study for da exam.....