No one wud try to make an omlette from the eggshell... wud anyone do ??? i guess not... I was tryn to make an omlette an u know wat i did... i crack da egg near to da dustbin, put da egg yolk in da dustbin n da egg shell in da bowl n was tryn to make an omlette..... i didnt realize until my mom told me wat i was doing.. she was laughig out loud..... wat to do...... guess i was in another world... hehe

N da other thing was wen we were having tea... i was sitting near mom n da left side of me was an icing cake.. half of da cake was inside da box other half was kept outside..... i kept my hand on da cake without realizing where i was keeping my hand, was talking to others n having tea... after sometym i realized wen mom told me where i was keeping my hand... "ohhh shitt" was da only thing came out from my mouth...

The big question is am i NORMAL ???
daahhhhh !!!!

N btw its our anniversary..... Happi 10 months anniversary to my sweeeeet hubby.. luv ya always.. wmuah !!!